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Type Selection Conditions of Air Shutoff

2019/6/5 16:29:11

When you need to purchase the air shutter, please inform the following items in detail as far as possible:

1) Usage (Please say whether the gallbladder is discharged quantitatively, in full or in air lock)

2) Place of use (indoor or outdoor)

3) conveying mode (pneumatic conveying or gravity flow)

4) Capacity (Hourly Feeding, Quantitative or Variable Transfer)

5) Performance of conveying materials (including name, particle size, true density, bulk density, temperature, resting angle, moisture content, viscosity and others)

6) Name of conveying gas and pressure difference between upper flange and lower flange of air shutter

7) Please specify flange specifications (standards)

8) When it needs to be equipped with acceleration chamber and suction chamber, please specify the type.

9) Whether special treatment is needed for the inner surface of the air shutter

10) Whether the reducer motor needs to be designated manufacturer, protection level, explosion-proof level, etc.

11) Painting colour (with or without specified colour, the standard colour of our products if not specified)